Oh soooo precious!

I just can’t stand it, I LOOOOOVE everything about kids! From the newest of the new babies to 18 month old (who does not want to stop to take a photo) to the preteen (oh boy), yes I love it all. Believe it or not, we get pictures and smiles, usually they are happier than when they came in. And yes, sometimes they make me sweat a little, but truly all worth it! It is worth it, because to have these moments and memories to keep and look back on is a gift. As parents we don’t want to forget a single stage, we want to remember how little they were with that silly smile or that orneriness coming through! All things wonderful to celebrate and to create beautifully!


Children Collections

Newborn  :  $300

Newborn Session : 2 outfits : up to 2 hours
Professional Editing 
Online Viewing Gallery 
Digital Images : of entire session
$100 credit towards products 
(prints, wall art, albums...)

One child  :  $200

Individual Child Session : 2 outfits 
Professional Editing 
Online Viewing Gallery 
Digital Images : of entire session
$50 credit towards products 
(prints, wall art, albums...)

Siblings  :  $275

Siblings together (& individually)
Professional Editing 
Online Viewing Gallery 
Digital Images : of entire session
$100 credit towards products 
(prints, wall art, albums...)

Why choose Heirloom Portrait Design


I really try to be a perfectionist in every way — especially in how I serve my clients. Email responses and image turnaround will always be speedy! If you have a special deadline, I will try to honor it at no extra charge. That’s how I roll — you are important to me!


Kids do things on their own terms. As a photographer, I expect this! I’m not upset when your three-year-old has a meltdown or when your son asks to take a picture with my camera. I simply love kids; I have kids myself. They have taught me so much and lots of patience with gentle guiding goes a long way when taking pictures.


With 18+ years of experience and many, many, many sessions under my belt, I’m great at anticipating tricky situations and resolving them in advance. For example, I know to let the bigger kids go first to show the 18 month old how it is done and it's not scary at all. Or even take the time to let the little ones warm up to their new environment, I move fast when needed as well as take a little extra time to make all happy!


I would have more if it was in the cards for me, truly love kids! When you work with Heirloom Portrait Design, you become my extended family. I’ll cheer with you when your baby graduates from kindergarten, and I’ll tear up if you move away. I’ve been photographing some of my clients since way back in 2001, and it’s been a joy and a privilege to watch their children and families grow.

How does it work?

1) Let's Chat

I want to understand your vibe, your heart, the season that your family is in......
Simply send me a note or a call and we will chat for a quick minute.
Together we set a time and place. Send in 1/2 payment of your deposit (other 1/2 is due on your session date) & you are all set!

2) Let's have an Adventure

Who knew having your photos taken could be so fun!!! I'll come to your home or you can meet me at the studio. I'll tromp in the mud with your kids, have tickle fights, see who has stinky feet.....it will be fun! 

3) Let's create ART together

Ideally within two weeks, I'll have beautiful images for you to see online. Choose your favorites and I'll help you create items and artwork for your home. Whether it is an Heirloom album to enjoy or a wall portrait to see daily in your home, all fun and easy-peezy!

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